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Our Mission:

Quiet Skies

The FAA's NextGen airspace modernization project has brought new and unacceptable aircraft noise to La Jolla and other San Diego communities.  Do you now hear aircraft noise over your home that you've never heard before? You are not alone, and together we can fix this problem. Our mission is to restore peace and quiet to our beautiful coastal village.


About Us

As a 501(c)(4) non-profit public advocacy group, we are engaging our community, partnering with our elected officials, and using technology to effect change. The FAA has instituted numerous changes to the flight paths in and around La Jolla that have brought aircraft noise to neighborhoods that have historically been quiet and peaceful. We must take action to reverse this.

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Our Impact

The members of our organization have volunteered hundreds of hours, serving on Airport Authority committees, speaking at public gatherings, researching technical solutions, and engaging our elected leaders. By advocating for change on multiple fronts we have begun to move the needle on getting real solutions to the aircraft noise problems that are impacting our formerly quiet neighborhoods. We have much more to do, and we'd love for you to help.



Noise complaints in san diego

Through Airnoise.io we have generated over 95,000 noise complaints to the Airport Authority, forcing them to take notice of the problem.



recommendations accepted

Our members helped develop over 25 recommendations for reducing noise in La Jolla and other communities through the Airport Noise Advisory Committee.



people joined the email list

Our email list has grown to over 150 like-minded citizens who want to keep up to date on the situation.


Take Action

Just as we have taken action, so, too, can you. The fastest and easiest thing you can do is file noise complaints with the San Diego County Airport Authority. Our Airnoise.io system makes this nearly painless and helps you get back to your life. You can help spread the word to your neighbors and other friends who are impacted by aircraft noise. Call, email, and write to your public officials to let them know you want change. Donate to support our efforts. Get. Involved. Take. Action.



By filing noise complaints you are telling the Airport Authority that the aircraft noise over your home is unacceptable. But it takes time and effort to do this, so many people don't. There's an easier way -- airnoise.io. File a detailed noise complaint in under a second. Make your voice heard over the roar.

contact your elected leaders

The FAA may seem like a massive, faceless bureaucracy that we can do nothing to influence, but they're a part of our government. They need funding, they need support from Congress, and our members of Congress need us to support them. See the connection?

spread the word

Talk to your neighbors about the problem. Have they been bothered by the increase in the noise or the number of jets over their house lately, at all hours? Have they noticed gritty, black soot on their patio furniture and their cars? Do their doors and windows rattle now, when they never have before?


Communication and coordination cost money, as do web sites, aviation and noise consultants, and lawyers. A little bit goes a long way, but we could use your financial support to sustain this fight for the long haul. Please donate and help our efforts.


march 2018

“I joined the Quiet Skies Caucus in 2016 at the urging of Point Lomans and other San Diegans concerned about airplane noise, flight paths, and other changes taking place as part of a nationwide overhaul of air traffic procedures. Working with my colleagues in the Caucus, we were able to get some significant changes in this FAA authorization bill to help resolve many of the problems raised by residents.” 

Rep. Scott Peters (CA-50)



Get Involved

You can help solve this problem by getting involved. Sign-up to help us get the word out to motivate the changes that will restore peace and quiet to our neighborhoods. 


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Keep up to date on what's happening, attend meetings and public events, and public outreach opportunities.

generate noise complaints

Sign-up at Airnoise.io and make your voice heard over the roar of the jet engines. Tell the airport authority you want change.

Make a Donation

Your financial support is very important to sustaining these efforts. Change takes time, and time is money.