Quiet Skies La Jolla

Take Action

You can help us restore peace and quiet to our community. How? File noise complaints to keep the pressure on, educate yourself and others on the what's happening, attend airport authority and community meetings, and rally your friends and neighbors to the cause.


file noise complaints

If you are bothered by loud, constant overflights of your home, file a noise complaint. We have partnered with Airnoise.io to make it fast and easy to send detailed noise complaints to the San Diego airport authority. Sign-up for free.


use the san flight tracker

San Diego International Airport (SAN) offers a web site to view aircraft tracks in and out of SAN airport, and you can file a complaint directly on an airplane here. There's a 15-minute delay from real time, but give it a look.


educate and attend meetings

The San Diego airport web site has lots of information about what's being done to help solve this problem. Educate yourself so you can advocate effectively, attend meetings, and help spread the word to friends and neighbors.


Volunteer to Help Us

Help us advocate for change. Fill out the form below to let us know that you'd like to get involved and help restore quiet to La Jolla.

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