Our Mission

We are advocates for change. The current aircraft noise situation will only worsen as the San Diego International Airport expands its capacity by 20% in the coming years. The time to act is now!


We don't want this

"That jet is really low and really loud. Why is that?"

— Everyone affected by NextGen aircraft noise


The problem

The FAA's NextGen airspace project is shifting and concentrating aircraft noise over neighborhoods and communities that have historically not been impacted by noise. Very precise, satellite-based GPS navigation routes are now putting ALL of the traffic on a particular flight path over a very narrow corridor. The FAA did not perform a full environmental impact study before instituting these changes, but they knew there would be problems.

This technical explanation provides details on the issues and some approaches to solving them in San Diego.




We are working with and within the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to create solutions for the airport noise problems for La Jolla, coastal San Diego, and all other San Diego areas that have been impacted by the FAA's flight procedure changes. We have also engaged with professional consultants to help us analyze the situation and offer modest, practical changes to the flight procedures in and out of San Diego airport to reduce and minimize noise impacts.